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Since its inception, Louie's has raised nearly $1,000,000 for the kids at Children's Hospital
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Louie's Last Regatta 2013

Louie's 15th Last Regatta

Louie's is one of the nation's largest fund raising regattas. It is a fun filled weekend of sailing and fund raising for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Held off the Milwaukee shoreline in the summer warmed waters of Lake Michigan, Louie's attracts hundreds of boats and thousands of sailors and fans to the Milwaukee sailing/fund raising scene.

Louie's 15th Last Regatta will be held this year on September 28th. The skippers meeting and instructions are given on Friday the 27th at the Milwaukee Ale House. The race will take place on Lake Michigan at 12 noon Saturday the 28th with post race party starting at 3:00pm at the Milwaukee Ale House.

2013 Louie's Crew Challenge Schedule of Events
Milwaukee Ale House
Immediately Following the Race
Mount Gay Rum Pour
(lower level outside patio bar)

(turn in to Merchandise Table upstairs!)

Purchase Raffle Tickets
from Children's Hospital Volunteers & visit the Merchandise Table
Pick your "Bucket" Raffle Items
(upstairs, adjacent to Main Stage)

Prize giving at the Main Stage
Most Uniquely Attired Crew, Division Winners, Overall Race Winners, Last Place, Poker Run winners, and North Sails Ugliest Spinnaker Contest Winner & Fundraising Awards

Raffle Items Drawing & Live Auction

Louie's Crew Challenge & Louie's Live Awards
Maggie Bersch Memorial Cup for the Biggest Fundraiser & Debbia Grassroots Cup for the Largest Number of Donors (over $15) Fundraiser

Thank you!
Stay after Louie's to enjoy dinner & drinks at the Milwaukee Ale House, followed by live music at 9:30pm by Random Maxx!

Trophies Presented
Maggie Bersch Memorial Cup
Maggie Bersch Memorial Cup - Maggie Bersch was diagnosed with leukemia when she was three years old. Her battle with cancer and the quality of the care she and her family received at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin was the inspiration for the event's relationship with the hospital. Her story become a part of Louie's fundraising as Maggie's father, Denny, provided an annual update on her treatments at Children's Hospital. After Maggie passed away in 2004 at age eight, a trophy in Maggie's honor was dedicated and was awarded to the top fundraiser at Louie's. The Maggie Bersch Cup continues that tradition. Winning the Maggie Bersch Cup as the top fundraiser is the most prized honor at Louie's.

Louie's Last Cup
Louie's Last Cup - The dented and scuffed cup is the Louie's Last Cup. This trophy is awarded to the first place boat in the actual race. Legend has it that this may have been the drinking vessel that was bashed over Uncle Louie's head back in 1886 ultimately leading to his demise. The truth is that the cup was repeatedly bashed into a parking meter out in front of the trophy store the day it was purchased. We wanted a distressed look to it....

The Flounder
The Flounder - The large fish is called The Flounder (commissioned in 2005). It is awarded to the boat with the longest elapsed time around the marks (last stinking place). The winner of the Flounder epitomizes the good natured attitude of the event.

The Debbia Grassroots Trophy
The Debbia Grassroots Trophy - In an effort to recognize the hard work that many Louie's sailors exert to raise small donations from a large number of family and friends, but never get to the level of dollars that would win the Maggie Bersch Cup, Louie's introduced the Grassroots Cup in 2012. The winner of the Grassroots Cup is the boat that raises the greatest number of individual donors of over $15. The first winner of the Grassroots Cup, Mike Kenny's Debbia, earned the right to have the trophy named honor of their boat.

The Cutlass
The Cutlass - In 2007 a new trophy is added to the lineup of polished cups and plaques. Inspired by those fun loving keg standing bears from Louie's 8th and donated by Captain Tom (Bucket-O-Margaritas) Young.

This highly prized trophy will be awarded to the most uniquely attired crew, a.k.a. the best costumed crew of the regatta. Judging will be held on the evening of the regatta party, by the regatta committee.

The Cutlass
The Ugliest Spinnaker Award - This award is not associated with any award other than the distinction of flying the most hideous sail of the year.

Green Brag Flag
Green Brag Flag - The Green Brag Flag is awarded to the top three money raising boats for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Division Brag Flags
Division Brag Flags - This flag is awarded to each participating boat in Louie's Last Regatta, because each "Boat is its own division."